When Respite Care is Needed

Our respite program offers planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers. We understand the difficulties of caring for elderly loved ones at home. Over time, the accumulated stress can strain the relationship between the caregiver and the recipient. To address the issue before it gets worse, short-term respite care is advised.

Special Accommodations of Respite Care

The respite care rooms we offer are fully furnished, though the types of furnishings for each room may vary. Each room has all the amenities required for convenient day-to-day living. Upon signing up for this program, you or your loved one automatically gets daily, full-time care and service. All these are available at an affordable rate of only $130 per day.

Mutual Benefits of Respite Care

When you leave your loved one in our care, he or she gets all the personal care services we provide to our regular residents. Our kind and attentive personal care aides will make sure that he or she is well-cared for during his or her stay with us. This special assistance benefits both the elderly loved one and the caregiver. For the latter, the temporary relief helps diffuse tension while giving enough time to resolve personal issues. Such problems may adversely impact the relationship in the long run, hence the need for respite care services. Besides helping alleviate stress while sustaining well-being for both the caregiver and the patient, our program has helped patients avoid the delays often involved in out-of-home placements.